With a shortage of almost 1 million ventilators, but a staggering demand of 80%, there is an immediate need for a safe, reliable and affordable device to assist in ventilation for critical patients in secondary hospitals. The current solution is a manual resuscitator or the Ambu bag with reliability of only 75%.

RespirAid attempts to bridge this gap by bringing to the market a product that is safe to use, consistent in performance and minimizes skill dependence. Here at RespirAid, we house an international team of designers, engineers, doctors and industry experts working in unison to develop a low-cost ventilator assist device.

RespirAid is a mechanical ventilation assist device. It addresses the inconsistency, unreliability and exhaution caused by an AMBU bag. 


  • Low infrastructure and maintenance
  • Simple interface for low skilled operators
  • Out of ICU device
  • Low risk of volutrauma and barotrauma
  • Web interface for remote assistance




Team RespirAid


We are hiring!

We are looking for hands-on product designers, mechatronics engineers, electrical/electronics/Computer science engineers/public health students who can intern or work full-time with our Bangalore based team in developing new  concepts, iterate on designs and CAD models, interact with end users,  build electronics required for them in order to make a functional alpha prototype. The person needs to have a good communication ability with English and one other Indian language.


For details please contact: 

Name: Adithya Pasupuleti

Email : adithya1869@gmail.com

Phone: +91 90353 43973


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